The World of Slate. 

Slate is a wonderful natural product.  It's a quarried stone, split to a specific size and thickness.  Slate is a natural, 100% green product.  

Slate ages very well over time with most roofs expected to last 100+ years.   

Slate Colors

Our most popular color. A deep dark black slate, hard and long lasting.
A traditional dark black slate.
Gray Black in color, one of our most popular.
Gray slate with strong black accents.  Perfect by itself or when blended.
Light Gray with green tones. This slate weathers over time adding brown tones.
Deep purple base with accents of green.
Green with a hint of purple, perfect for blending.
Light Gray with a hint of green.
A strong purple color, perfect for blending
A strong red color, on of the rarest slates.

Just Two Questions.

When choosing a slate roof you only need to know two things.

  • What color do I want?

    • Would you like a classic black roof? Something with some color like a green or purple or would you prefer a weathered gray?

  • What size do I want the slate to be.  

    • Our most common size is a 18" x 10" x 1/4"  18" is the Length, 10" is the Width and 1/4" is the thickness of the slate.

Like every product on the market there are a myriad of options with slate but these two are the starting point.    We can help walk you though the choices in color and size to make sure you stay within a set budget.

Unfading Vs Semi Weathering.

Unfading slates will remain the color they day they were dug from the ground.

Semi Weathering slates will brown as they age, this process is natural and uncontrolled.



All of our slates come with a warranty of at least 75 years.  The warranty is backed up by random testing to be sure it's always of the highest S1 Grade quality.



Need more help?  Slate Roofs Canada samples all slates and will do full size displays before ordering.

Visit our projects gallery to see pictures of finsihed roofs.        Projects Gallery

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