SlateTec is the solution to the problem of installing a slate roof on a home which has not been designed for its weight.

How does it work?

SlateTec, uses a proven interlayment combined with real Vermont

slate to offer nearly every homeowner a slate roof.

What does it weigh?

A 1/4" slate system weighs in at just under 600lbs per SQ a 40% reduction.  This is a similar weight to two layers of asphalt shingles.


Who can install it?
A roofer with slate experience is idea but just about any qualified 

roofer is capable of installing the SlateTec system.  A SlateTec roof

takes no longer to install than the average slate roof.


What does it look like?
The beauty of the SlateTec system is that it looks exactly  the same as any other natural slate roof.  The Slate is installed with the same exposure as a standard size slate making it indistinguishable


Who would use it?

SlateTec, is prefect for existing home renovations, new construction helping to reduce framing costs and  historic restoration.

Installation in Toronto Ontario

This project was late into design when the selection of slate was made.  The structure was not suitable for full weight and SlateTec was the perfect solution. 


Only the builder and client will ever know this isn't a full weight roof.

Historic Restoration & Installation in Oakville Ontario

Built in 1854 time was rewound as the failing cedar roof was removed and replaced with a Gray / Black Slate roof.  


To ease the weight difference between the cedar and slate we use the SlateTec system.  


SlateTec was the perfect match for a home starting its 160th year.

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